I’ve been trying to get funding for an investment vacation property for the last couple of months (it would be the first of many under Northern Sunshine Ventures Inc. – a corporation I recently started). I know this property will not only generate income, but will also double in value within the next five to seven years. It’s also an amazing deal in the next hot area of Ontario.

Unfortunately, I’ve run into every roadblock possible and haven’t been able to get the required funding to make it happen. Figuring there must be other people out there like me I pivoted and created a site where people can sell off 10% stakes in their real estate projects to help raise the initial funds.

Why 10%?

Selling 10% stakes is a win for both sides as investors only need to risk a little in order to earn 10% of all profits the property makes (from rental income and/or the resale of the property). The person listing the real estate project (which is the only way the site makes money as it’s a listing service, not an investment service) can raise the funds they require quicker than trying to get one person to invest or partner on the entire deal.

The site is called 10% Investor, and while it’s still in the early stages I’d love to hear any feedback or ideas you might have for it. Please check it out at 10percentinvestor.com and share your thoughts in the comments below or via email at info@10percentinvestor.com.