Money matters

I wrote this why money matters mantra a few weeks ago after being told over and over again that money isn’t everything. The people who were telling me this are all well off and have every opportunity to live a healthier, happier life and make more money. When I posted these thoughts on social media those same people tried to refute it, proving they do not understand what money really means to someone who doesn’t have it.

It’s not about having everything and showing off. Having money is about freedom. Freedom to live a healthier life, freedom to make more money, freedom to spend more time with your loved ones, freedom to not have to worry all the time. Having that freedom would definitely make me happy. So yes, money does equal happiness and that is everything. If you have money and can’t see that, there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

Here is my post in text and as an image. Feel free to share it.

People with money who tell you money isn’t everything don’t lie in bed awake each night wondering if they’re going to lose their job or be able to make rent this month.

Money reduces stress, which in turn helps you sleep better, which helps you feel better. Money allows you to buy healthy food and afford a comfortable, safe place to live. Money gives you the freedom to take a break so you can exercise, meditate, read, play with your kids or just sit and get lost in your thoughts without having to worry about money.

Money is safety. Money is health and wellbeing. Money is freedom. Money is everything to someone who doesn’t have it.

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