The real secrets to becoming a millionaire by Brian McKechnie

After reading so many books on personal finance, success, and how-to get rich — and still sitting here no better off — I decided it was time to write my own take on it. Since I am not a millionaire or a financial advisor, the best way to go about it I thought would be to poke fun at the advice we’ve all heard before in those books (things like “pay yourself first,” which you can’t do if you don’t have enough money to even cover living expenses). Besides being entertaining, I also knew I wanted it to be a quick read, priced cheaply and easily accessible.

The end result, I am happy to announce, is The real secrets to becoming a millionaire (a satire that could make you rich) — a cheeky, 69 page ebook I’ve released on Amazon for around the price of a cup of coffee! And because I really want to get it out there to generate some feedback and reviews, you can get it for the low price of $2.99 USD (it will always be FREE if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member).

Along with checking off everything I wanted it be (entertaining, short and cheap), it also has some tips that, according to my copy editor, could actually help you save money in order to put that money to work for you (I’ll let you decide if that statement is true).

If you’re determined to make millions and are ready to ditch your friends and family and put everything else meaningful and fun on hold, then this is the book for you! So head over to Amazon and grab a copy and then return here and share your thoughts on it with me (you can also hit me up on my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts with your input).

Check out my recommended reading list, references and links I mention in the book.

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