Bunkie Life cabin

If you follow me on social media (or have read my satirical get rich book) then you know I talk a lot about real estate and investing in real estate. It’s my passion, and I follow the market so closely that at any given time I can pretty much tell you about the best deals to be had across the province I live in. Because of my love for real estate most people assume my goal is to buy single or multi-family homes and become a landlord. But that’s not what interests me at all and the thought of being a landlord actually gives me great anxiety.

What I want (and what I started my company Northern Sunshine Ventures Inc. to help accomplish) is to build a portfolio of short-term vacation properties and campgrounds (or “glampgrounds” as I call them) that offer people a magical experience so they feel happy and relaxed to be there and want to keep returning. And of course I want to be able to make money off each one to keep my investors happy so I can continue to buy or build more (because that’s the cycle of real estate investing).

Most people I tell about my dream (ie. the investors with money I’m trying to partner with) don’t get it. They want quick and easy passive income opportunities and don’t want to put in much – if any – work. That’s extremely boring to me. I want to get my hands dirty! I want to figure out how to build a stunning off-grid campground or how to turn a cottage into the most unique experience possible. I want to hear how our visitors loved being there and can’t wait to return, because I know how amazing it feels to be somewhere special with your family or friends. I also know we can make a lot of money on these properties and ideas.

Business ventures

All the side projects we’ve launched, which I get questioned on as well, either directly or indirectly support our real estate goal, too. Northern Sunshine Tees is all about celebrating the cottage and camping lifestyle with t-shirts, hats and other apparel. 10% Investor aims to help people like me find investors for their real estate projects. And my book and our upcoming entertainment newsletter are both there to help us earn passive income to put towards the real estate projects we’re working on.

As you can see the wheels never stop turning and won’t stop until I’ve accomplished everything I set out to accomplish.

If you’re interested in discussing my real estate goals (or just real estate in general) or any of my business ventures, reach out to me at brian@northernsunshine.ca or hit me up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.