Endy modular sofa

Best known for their mattress-in-a-box, Canadian furniture brand Endy is now moving into the modular sofa business.

A modular furniture system allows you to customize the desired shape and length and add to or remove from as you see fit. I have a modular sofa from Cozey, another Canadian company, and it’s been truly amazing (I started with a three seat sofa a few years ago and I have now turned it into a sectional).

Since a modular sofa can all come apart, moving with it (especially in an apartment) is a lifesaver. No more trying to bend a massive piece of furniture to fit in an elevator!

Endy’s price point for their modular sofa is a bit out of touch as their loveseat (which is only two seats) starts at $2,600 (!!). For perspective on that price, Cozey’s original 2-seater starts at $800 (and honestly looks nicer in my opinion).

Endy offers a 30-day trial and a 5-year limited warranty on their modular sofa. Visit endy.com to check it out.

Photo credit: CNW Group/Endy