New Outlook for Windows

Microsoft has announced that it’s retiring the Mail and Calendar app in favour of the new Outlook for Windows beginning in January 2024.

The Mail and Calendar app will still be available to download until the end of 2024, but as of January all new Windows 11 devices will ship with the new Outlook for Windows as the default mailbox app.

We discovered this when from a message in the Windows Mail app telling us that “In 2024 Outlook is replacing Windows Mail and Calendar.” There was a link for more info and a button to “Try the new Outlook.”

After clicking the button we were brought to a pop-up that said “Let’s make Outlook familiar” with an option to import settings from the Mail and Calendar app (this step could be skipped if we wanted to start fresh).

Once the settings were imported over, the new Outlook for Windows was running. In typical Microsoft fashion, it was nothing special, felt cluttered and we immediately wanted to stop using it.

Thankfully there is a toggle switch in the top-right that allows you to turn off “New Outlook.” This brings up a survey asking you why you’re switching back before returning you to the Windows Mail app.

Given the option, we’ll be holding out until the last possible day to make the switch to the new Outlook for Windows. In the meantime we’re looking for a new mailbox app.

Are you a fan of the Windows Mail and Calendar app? Will you switch to the new Outlook for Windows? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Photo credit: Microsoft

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