Cozey coffee table

Cozey, the Canadian modular sofa-in-a-box company, expanded its lineup of furniture offerings with the addition of tables and stands last winter.

Along with the release of a sleek, modular media unit and a surprisingly functional (and adjustable) side table, it’s the Cozey Stella coffee table that is truly the standout.

What makes the Cozey coffee table so great (especially for those working from home) is you can lift the top to raise it to a better height that’s more suitable for working comfortably from your sofa.

“We started with our customers in mind and went back to basics to meet their daily needs in the living room. We then worked on the elegance of the design and the price point to make sure we delivered the best value in the market,” Cozey CEO and founder, Frédéric Aubé, said in a press release about the new products last November.

Like the Cozey sofa, the Stella coffee table can be fully customized to fit any space of any size. You can buy just one section for a small space or add one or more sections for a larger space. You can also customize the direction the top lifts, which is perfect if you have a sectional or “U” shaped sofa configuration.

The Cozey Stella coffee table starts at $210 per section and is now available in oak or walnut finishings. The dimensions per section when closed are 23.6″ x 23.6″ x 18.5″ (when opened the height extends from 18.5″ to 26.4″ and the depth extends to 31.9″).

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By Brian McKechnie

Brian McKechnie is a writer and entrepreneur based in Ontario, Canada. He has worked for many major Canadian media outlets and is the founder of Northern Sunshine Ventures Inc.

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