Arkells Laundry Pile pink vinyl

Arkells released their eighth studio album this week, Laundry Pile, and it’s available on special pink vinyl.

After releasing Blink Once and Blink Twice back-to-back in 2021 and 2022, the band wasn’t planning another album so soon.

Laundry Pile is our most raw, and intimate record yet,” lead singer Max Kerman says. “It’s the most cohesive thing we’ve ever made. There’s imperfections on the album, but that was kind of the point. We wanted to make the album simply feel as honest as possible.”

Known for their more upbeat tracks like ‘You Can Get It’ (with K. Flay), ‘People’s Champ’ or their first big hit, ‘Oh, the Boss Is Coming!’, Laundry Pile is admittedly a more personal and quiet album for the band.

Laundry Pile is for the sentimental,” Kerman says. “It’s about having a wish that you know won’t come true. But all the things you learned along the way end up being the gift you really needed in the first place.”

Laundry Pile vinyl track listing


  • Life Is
  • Skin
  • Laundry Pile
  • Wash Away
  • Your Name


  • Beginner’s Mind
  • Shot In The Dark
  • Time
  • Tango Waltz
  • Quiet Love

Check out the video for the first single from Laundry Pile, ‘Quiet Love’, below.

You can order Laundry Pile on pink vinyl for $40 at There are also limited edition signed copies available as well.