Mastermind Toys 2023 Holiday Play Guide

Mastermind Toys has released the 2023 Holiday Play Guide, recommending the top gifts for kids of all ages this holiday season.

The Holiday Play Guide has been a yearly tradition for the last 20 years. Curated by Mastermind Toys’ Play Experts, the guide includes gift-giving ideas for new toys, books, puzzles and games.

“Our customers seek out advice and recommendations from our Play Experts when looking for that perfect gift for kids and kids-at-heart—the one that will light up their eyes and keep them playing even after the holiday decorations are gone,” Frank Zita, President & Chief Merchant at Mastermind Toys said in a press release.

Mastermind Toys top Holiday 2023 gifts

  • GraviTrax Junior Starter Set XXL: My Planet (Ages 3+, $174.99)
  • Numberblocks Friends One to Five (Ages 3+, $27.99)
  • Mastermind Toys Let’s Decorate A Large Rocket (Ages 3+, $39.99)
  • Yoto Player 3rd Generation (Ages 3+, $149.99)
  • Mastermind Toys Dino Stuffie Stasher (Ages 3+, $49.99)
  • The Most Magnificent Maker’s A to Z Book (Ages 4+, $21.99)
  • Mastermind Toys Deluxe DIY Fort 150 Piece Set (Ages 5+, $99.99)
  • Wowwee MINTiD Dog-E Robot Dog (Ages 5+, $109.99)
  • LEGO Friends Cat Hotel (Ages 6+, $39.99)
  • Cat Kid Comic Club: Influencers Book (Ages 7+, $16.99) – available November 28, 2023
  • Snap Circuits FM Radio (Ages 8+, $39.99)
  • Abacus VR World Atlas! Gift Box (Ages 8+, $69.99)
  • LiteHawk World Speedway 4 Car Set (Ages 8+, $159.99)

Mastermind Toys is also raising funds for Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations (CCHF) until December 24. All donations stay in the community and go to the donor’s local children’s hospital foundation.

You can get the Mastermind Toys 2023 Holiday Play Guide online now at or wait for the printed copy to arrive in your mailbox beginning October 17.

Photo credit: CNW Group/Mastermind Toys