Horror movies are better on a Hisense TV

With only a week to go before Halloween you might be thinking about ramping up your horror movie viewing.

We’ve recommended spooky titles to add to your 4K UHD Blu-ray collection (and some great streaming options), but if you don’t have the proper TV to watch them on you’re missing out.

Hisense Canada wants to let horror movie fans know they understand this and are highlighting features of their televisions that can help make the horror movie experience at home optimal.

“How a horror movie is experienced is greatly influenced by the kind of TV being used,” says Puneet Jain, Hisense Canada’s Senior Director of Marketing and Ecommerce. “The TV has to do the film justice, with the right colour balance that makes dark scenes pop and bright colours dazzle, and sound that highlights the music without drowning out the dialogue — and screams.”

How Hisense TVs make horror movies better

  • Big Screen: For a truly immersive horror experience, the bigger, the better. Laser TVs with an ultra-short-throw projector offer screens up to 120 inches without compromising on picture quality.
  • Ultimate Resolution: Mini LED technology is revolutionizing televisions, offering unparalleled display quality. This technological advance offers sharper details, ensuring you don’t miss a bit of what is happening on screen.
  • Broad Colours: Another advantage of Mini LED technology is a massive colour array. The QLED Wide Colour Gamut offers more than a billion combinations of pure, rich colour, breathing life into stunningly vivid images.
  • High Dynamic Range: Without the right contrast, you could end up watching a black screen, or get pixelated blotches in the dark areas that make it hard to see what is happening. Nothing takes you out of a scary moment faster than fake-looking blood. The HDR feature ensures the broad colour palette appears brighter and in greater contrast for a more detailed image — distinguishing the dark from the really dark, and presenting the most vibrant reds.
  • Filmmaker Mode: A unique feature on Hisense televisions, Filmmaker Mode uses AI picture optimization technology that analyzes the composition of each frame and adjusts the brightness, resolution, colour setting and more to ensure each scene is absolutely perfect — the way that directors intended the scenes to be viewed. It is a quick and simple action for the viewer that alters the picture settings to optimize the viewing experience.
  • Killer Sound: Big sound delivers big entertainment. Much of the tension and thrills in a horror flick comes from the soundtrack — it needs a sound system that you feel in your chest when you are supposed to feel it in your chest, and is reduced to a whisper when the tension is building. Features like Dolby Atoms deliver that directly from the television unit. Or, create a true home theatre experience in the home with a soundbar that delivers the “boom.”

Hisense Canada offers a full range of televisions with many different features and price points. Amazon has some great deals on Hisense TVs, like this 65″ 4K Ultra HD VIDAA Smart TV with Dolby Vision HDR for $648.00. Find out more about Hisense TVs at hisense-canada.com.

Photo credit: Hisense Canada