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Trying to find a great gift for dad at Christmas can be a real challenge. Either he has everything he needs or wants nothing. But if you have a good starting off point you might just find something that makes him happy.

Here are five gifts for dad this Christmas we think he’ll love.

Amazon Fire TV stick

If dad is always calling to ask how to get Netflix working, gift him one of Amazon’s Fire TV sticks and make life easier for both of you. From the Fire TV Stick Lite ($49.99) all the way to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max ($69.99), Amazon makes the most user-friendly streaming devices on the market and they are reasonably priced, which is a bonus.

Kensington Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard

Kensington has some wonderful PC accessories and the Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard ($51.99) is one of the best. It connects via Bluetooth to up to three devices so dad can switch between his computer, phone and tablet to help him keep up with his work or games. And it’s small enough for him to take it on the go. Other Kensington products dad might like include laptop risers and privacy filters.

EGO Power+ 18″ chainsaw

EGO Power chainsaw

If dad likes to work around the house, start upgrading his yard tools to battery-operated ones like the EGO Power+ 18″ chainsaw. We reviewed this beast back in September and have only been more impressed with it as we continue to use it. EGO Power+ tools are sold exclusively in Canada at Rona.

Vinyl records

Frank Sinatra Platinum vinyl boxset

It doesn’t matter if dad is into the Beastie Boys, Nelly Furtado, Nirvana or Frank Sinatra there have been a lot of great albums released on vinyl this year. Shop for vinyl for dad on Amazon.

World Map Scratch Off Poster

World Scratch Map

Whether dad has travelled the world already or dreams of travelling one day, this World Map Scratch Off Poster ($29.99) will inspire and encourage him to hit the skies. Find it on Amazon.

What other gifts for dad do you recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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