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If you ask mom what she wants for Christmas she’ll probably say something like “you don’t need to get me anything!” But of course you do. And since she won’t tell you what she wants, you need to guess while also not making her mad.

Here are five gifts for mom this Christmas that should keep you in her good books.

AncestryDNA + Membership Kit

Help mom discover her genealogy and map out her family tree with an AncestryDNA + Membership kit. An AncestryDNA + Membership opens up access to over 40 billion Canadian and international records, like census information and death certificates, and also connects to other members’ family trees to help with the building of yours. The kit includes the normal AncestryDNA test along with a three-month World Deluxe family history membership. It normally retails for $130, but during the holidays you can pick this up for $80 on (and if you use Rakuten you can get 4% back).

LEGO Botanical Collection

LEGO Botanicals set

Building LEGO is a very soothing pastime and mom would be pleasantly surprised to get a LEGO Botanical set this Christmas. There’s the LEGO Orchid ($69.99) and LEGO Succulents ($69.99), or you can get her the LEGO Flower Bouquet ($79.99). There are plenty of other LEGO Botanical sets available to choose from and they are all sure to make mom happy. Get LEGO Botanical sets on Amazon.

Diffuser with essential oils

Help mom relax with the joys of aromatherapy. This 500ml diffuser ($36.99) has a small footprint, looks nice and comes with eight 10ml bottles of the most common essential oils, including lavender, mint and tea tree. There’s a soft light on the diffuser that be turned on or off, and you can set it to run for one, three or six hours at a time. Add extra essential oils with it to make it last mom the entire year.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

If mom likes to pamper herself (or just wants to take care of her hair better), the Dyson Supersonic ($579.99) is the gold standard of hair dryers. Besides looking like some sleek, high-tech device, it comes with five styling attachments, has four heat settings (from 28°C to 100°C), three speed settings and it comes with a 2-year warranty. The Dyson Supersonic is available in Iron/Fuchsia on Amazon and in multiple colours on

Gift card

Let’s be honest – mom would much rather do her own shopping so why not just get her a gift card to her favourite store and be done with it. You can find gift cards to most retailers in Canada on Amazon.

Check out our 5 gifts for dad this Christmas if you need ideas for him.

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