Best gifts for kids this Christmas

Buying gifts for kids at Christmas can be really hit or miss. Either they get exactly what they want and love it, or they end up playing with the box instead.

Here are some of the best gifts for kids we found this Christmas broken down by age group.

Gifts for kids ages 3 – 4

Bluey is all the rage with young kids these days and the Bluey Family Home Playset ($69.99) should get lots of playtime from the little ones. It has four different rooms, comes with a poseable Bluey figure and lots of removable furniture. If you’re looking for a smaller Bluey gift to give, the Bluey 4WD Family Vehicle ($29.99) is also a fun pick.

The Bluey Family Play Set is a great gift for kids this year.

Other good gift ideas for kids in this age group include Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks ($69.99), Numberblocks Figures ($26.97) and the Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Kids Play Table ($61.64).

Gifts for kids ages 5 – 6

LEGO is still the best gift for kids at this age. Go with familiar characters by picking up a LEGO Minecraft set like The Bee Farm ($46.98) or a Super Mario set like the Penguin Family Snow Adventure ($24.99). You can also go with one of the many other great standalone LEGO sets like The Arctic Explorer Truck and Mobile Lab ($99.99).

LEGO Minecraft Bee Farm

If you’re looking for something fun and educational, The World Game – Geography Card Game ($31.90) and the Math Island board game ($26.98) are both great choices.

Gifts for kids ages 7 – 9

Kids this age who are into science will be amazed by this Crystal Growing Kit ($29.99) and this Science Kit for Kids ($49.99), which comes with 360 different experiments, should keep them busy long enough to get dinner ready.

Crystal Science Kit

Kids into Pokémon will be happy with this MEGA Pokémon building kit ($39.97) or this Pokémon trading card binder ($36.99). And of course you can add a bunch of new Pokémon cards for them to use in their battles.

Gifts for kids ages 10 – 12

If you have older kids who are into making art, this 56 Acrylic Paint Pens set ($43.99) will keep their creativity going all year long. They’ll also have a lot of fun with this Water Marbling Paint set ($22.99).

Acrylic Paint Pens

Older kids into video games will definitely want Super Mario Bros. Wonder ($79.99) or Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ($88.00) for the Nintendo Switch this year. Both games are excellent additions to their respective series and deliver hours of fun.

What other gifts for kids would you recommend this Christmas? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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