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Stumped on what gifts to buy for a few of your loved ones this holiday season? A new survey suggests you aren’t alone.

With the clock ticking before Christmas, a new survey conducted by BonusFinder Canada, using data from Ahrefs, reveals many people are searching online for gift ideas for their friends and family.

The survey found mothers are the hardest relative to buy for, with 11,200 monthly searches on Google for “gifts for mom.”

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The data showed that “gifts for dad” was the second most searched on Google at 7,780 monthly.

Rounding out the top five most difficult people to buy gifts for are boyfriends with 5,600 monthly Google searches, sisters with 3,610 monthly Google searches and girlfriends with 3,310 monthly Google searches.

Ultimately, the survey found it is more difficult to pick out gifts for women than for men. The results showed a total of 22,070 monthly Google searches across all categories for women, while 19,450 monthly Google searches were conducted for men.

The data revealed that husbands were the sixth most difficult people to buy for, with 2,620 monthly Google searches, while brothers were the seventh hardest to buy for amassing 2,220 monthly searches.

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Completing the top 10 were gift ideas for wives, mothers-in-law and grandparents, with 2,000, 1,410 and 1,350 monthly Google searches, respectively.

The data also revealed the hardest hobbies to purchase gifts for, with gamers at the top of the list with a total monthly Google search volume of 1,000.

People also searched for gifts for coffee lovers (920 monthly Google searches) and gifts for gardeners (840 monthly Google searches).

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Rounding out the top five hardest hobbies to buy gifts for were book lovers and travellers with 810 monthly Google searches and 420 monthly Google searches, respectively.

According to BonusFinder Canada, to determine which people were the hardest to buy for, a list of search terms was curated based on specific individuals, such as “gifts for foodies.”

Ahrefs then used these terms to provide an estimation of the average monthly number of searches for the keywords over the latest 12 months of data. The data for the survey was collected on Dec. 12.

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