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If you’re shopping for a gamer this Christmas you might need help finding something good to buy them. And depending on the type of gamer they are, they have different needs and wants.

We’ve come up with some of the best gifts for gamers broken down by gamer type.

Gifts for the PC Gamer

The PC gamer is the highest level of gamer. They know what’s good and what’s not, and a new gaming chair, like the Athena ($699.99) from Canadian-founded company Blacklyte, will be the shock of their life on Christmas morning.

The Athena is made with a combo of premium leather and carbon fiber so it’s very high quality while also being super comfortable, making it good for long multiplayer sessions.

A new mechanical keyboard like the Ducky ONE 3 RGB ($188.99) is also a good option, as is the Glorious Gaming Mouse ($69.97). An extra large keyboard and mouse pad ($14.55) or keyboard cleaning gel ($11.99) are also great choices.

If nothing else works, a gift card for Steam should do the trick.

Gifts for the Console Gamer

There’s three subcategories of console gamers: Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

For the Nintendo gamer, new games like Super Mario Bros. Wonder ($79.89) and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ($88) are perfect gifts this year. As are new Joy-Cons ($99.99) and gift cards for the Nintendo eShop.

Xbox gamers will be happy with the Special Remix Controller, which is made from recycled material and comes with a rechargeable battery pack. It also works with Windows PCs, tablets and iOS and Android phones. The Xbox Wireless Headset ($97.94) is also a good choice for the online Xbox gamer. A gift card for a Game Pass Ultimate subscription is definitely what the Xbox gamer really wants though.

On the PlayStation side, the PlayStation VR2 ($749.96) is the hot buy this holiday season. If that’s out of your price range (or out of stock) go for something more reasonable like the DualSense Wireless Controller Charging Station ($39.89) or the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset ($129.99). And yes, PlayStation store gift cards are welcome, too.

Gifts for the Portable Gamer

Portable gaming has become more and more popular thanks to the advancement in screen technology and tech capabilities of smaller devices.

On the iPhone side there’s the BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller ($139.99). Available for both lightning and USB-C iPhones and in either PlayStation or Xbox controller style, the BACKBONE One holds your phone between the left and right controls, making it feel like a truly portable gaming device.

For use with tablets, iPhones and Android phones the GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Wireless Controller ($87.99) works like a charm. It’s also compatible with console systems and PCs and its no drift warranty makes it worth the price alone.

Of course screen proctors are a great option for portable gamers, and you can even buy them for the Nintendo Switch ($12.99). Speaking of the Nintendo Switch, using it in portable mode is a huge bonus and you can also get accessories like the Mario PlayStand ($16.99) for when you’re on the go.

What other gifts for gamers would you recommend this Christmas? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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