The games Canadians cheat on the most

A new study conducted by online gaming site Indivisible Game has identified Scrabble as one of the games Canadians cheat on the most, with over 83,000 searches a month for cheats.

“Online games focusing on word puzzles are by far the most cheated games in Canada, with half of the ten games in this study being word-focused,” a spokesperson for Indivisible Game said.

“Playing games that encourage players to decipher word problems and solve anagrams can expand the player’s vocabulary, improve memory and even be beneficial for mental health. Those who decide to cheat at these games may be robbing themselves of utilizing these benefits quicker.”

Here are the games Canadians cheat on the most.

Scrabble – 83,000 estimated monthly searches

Scrabble takes the top spot with an estimated 83,000 monthly Google searches for ‘scrabble cheat.’ The classic board game has been reinvented as an online game that allows you to play against friends, other enthusiasts worldwide, or the computer.

Those searching for Scrabble cheats will most likely come across websites that allow players to enter the letters on their board, and the site’s algorithm will find the longest and best scoring words – essentially an anagram solver.

Some Scrabble cheating sites will allow the option to filter by a specific country’s Scrabble dictionary for the ultimate cheating tool. Scrabble cheating sites can be used for both the boardgame or online version.

Words with Friends – 38,000 estimated monthly searches

Another word-based game takes second place with an estimated 38,000 searches for ‘words with friends cheats’ made in Canada per month.

Similarly to Scrabble, Words with Friends involves creating words from letter tiles. However, the values of the letter tiles are much greater.

Canadians searching for Words with Friends cheats will land on sites similar to that of Scrabble cheats. As Scrabble and Words with Friends have different letter tile values, players may want to use a cheat tool specific to the game they’d like to cheat at to make the most of the particular game scoring systems.

Wordle – 7,700 estimated monthly searches

Yet another word puzzle game takes third place with ‘wordle cheat’ searches racking up 7,700 estimated monthly searches in Canada.

Wordle exploded in popularity in 2022 and offers players the challenge of guessing a five-letter word in six guesses; correct letters appear in green, wrong letters appear in grey, and valid letters in the wrong place appear in yellow.

Those searching online for ‘wordle cheat’ will likely come across wordle-solving algorithms that allow the cheater to input correct, wrong, and valid letters from that day’s puzzle. These refined search tools can help players find any five-letter word with any specific characters. 

Grand Theft Auto V – 3,100 estimated monthly searches

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) comes in fourth place with an estimated 3,100 monthly searches for ‘GTA 5 cheat codes.’

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Unlike the top three in this study, GTA 5 cheats come in the form of codes for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. By entering specific codes, players can unlock actions such as invincibility, spawning various vehicles, and gaining weapons to enhance gameplay.

The game developer, Rockstar Games, is notorious for including fun cheat codes for players to enjoy, so in this case, cheating is encouraged!

Wordscapes – 2,700 estimated monthly searches

Wordscapes comes in fifth place with an estimated 2,700 monthly searches for ‘wordscapes cheat’ by Canadian gamers.

Wordscapes combines crossword puzzles with word search games. Players are given a scenic backdrop with each puzzle and must swipe a wheel of letters to fill in a crossword without the help of clues.

Canadians looking for Wordscapes cheats will likely come across sites revealing the answers of a particular level the player is stuck on. 

The rest of the games Canadians cheat at the most:

  • Sims 4 – 2,500 estimated monthly searches
  • Word Chums – 2,500 estimated monthly searches
  • GTA – 2,300 estimated monthly searches
  • Poker – 2,100 estimated monthly searches
  • WWF – 1,300 estimated monthly searches

Search volume data relating to the Canadian gaming population was compiled by Indivisible Game by matching the term ‘cheat’ with various online and console games.

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