The $100 Ultimate scratch ticket

Whether you’ve already purchased a $100 Ultimate scratch ticket or have no idea what it is, here is everything you need to know if you want to play.

$100 Ultimate winning numbers

The draw for the $100 Ultimate winning numbers was held at 9 p.m. on January 4. After some delay, the numbers for the 40 $1 million jackpots were announced. The winning numbers are:

  • 1004505
  • 1399559
  • 1408149
  • 1450475
  • 1864921
  • 2233511
  • 2335975
  • 2379623
  • 2384277
  • 2938219
  • 2971005
  • 3168682
  • 3550102
  • 3648514
  • 3660066
  • 4089478
  • 4117121
  • 4292050
  • 4956254
  • 4998982
  • 5913769
  • 5999271
  • 6165347
  • 6483283
  • 6568982
  • 6746116
  • 6758568
  • 7000806
  • 7444125
  • 7804650
  • 7813083
  • 7827262
  • 7970624
  • 8360448
  • 8382428
  • 8864505
  • 9003062
  • 9118711
  • 9240856
  • 9256666

Disclaimer: While these numbers are supplied by the OLG they are unofficial and should be confirmed at, via the OLG app or at an authorized lottery retail location.

What is the $100 Ultimate scratch ticket?

The $100 Ultimate is a limited time Instant scratch ticket available in Ontario. Each ticket costs $100 to buy and offers 10 prizes of $100,000 instantly, along with 40 chances at winning $1 million in a draw on January 4. There are 281,380 prizes in total to be won.

How many tickets were produced?

The OLG produced a million $100 Ultimate scratch tickets for sale across Ontario. Get a closer look at the $100 Ultimate ticket below.

Where can you buy the $100 Ultimate scratch ticket?

The $100 Ultimate scratch ticket is available to purchase at OLG retailers until January 4 or while supplies last.

How do you play?

There are two parts to the $100 Ultimate scratch ticket. The instant portion has seven games with prizes ranging from $100 to $100,000, while the draw portion is the number you uncover that gives you the chance at winning $1 million on January 4.

About the seven instant games:

  • In Games 1 to 3 – if a player uncovers three identical symbols in the same game, they win the corresponding prize.
  • In Games 4, 5 and 7 -if a player uncovers three identical prize amounts in the same game, they win that prize.
  • In Game 6 – if the player matches one of the “Lucky Numbers” to one of the thirty “Your Numbers,” they win the corresponding prize.
  • Players can win $100 by uncovering a crown in any game.

What are the odds of winning?

The overall odds of winning are 1 in 3.55. The odds of winning the draw for $1 million are 1 in 25,000, which the OLG says are your best odds of winning $1 million.

When is the draw?

The draw for $1 million will be held on January 4. You can check your ticket after the draw via the OLG app or at an OLG retailer.

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15 thoughts on “What you need to know about the $100 Ultimate scratch ticket”
  1. What happens to the tickets not sold? Are the 40 X 1 million draws on sold tickets only or can some of the unsold ticket be the winners?

    1. Hi, I asked the same question, unbought tickets can be winners which are tossed out because the draw is over, it’s a win win for the government. Like last year’s draw, over half unclaimed because the tickets weren’t bought. Great lie , stating 1 in 25000 chance to win, that’s only if 1 million tickets were sold.

    1. The draw was at 9 p.m. tonight but the winning numbers are not available yet and the OLG app still says “Results not available”. We will update the post with them once they are.

      1. How does that make any sense why would they tell people the draw would be at 9pm when hours later we still don’t have any information. That’s bogus

        1. On the OLG website they have this message across the top: “The $100 ULTIMATE winning numbers aren’t available yet. Please try again later.” We are trying to get more info on what is happening.

          1. Ya I do see that but why not just say the the draw is a midnight instead of 9pm. It’s basically false advertising

  2. In order for the odds to be 1 in 25000 to win 1 million they should have sold 1 million tickets…if that is the case then why are the winning numbers 7 digits long….that implies that there were 9999999 tickets sold with odds of 1 in 260000

  3. Everyone has the same question, its is not right that the draw is on also tickets unsold. it should be on sold tickets.

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