The Apple Watch has many health and safety benefits.

An Apple Watch is being credited with potentially saving a 70-year-old’s life after he fell on ice in a parking lot. 

Police in Guelph, Ontario say they received an automated 911 call from the man’s Apple Watch on Wednesday morning indicating it had detected a hard fall. The watch provided his location, which was in a commercial parking lot in the city. 

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The 911 operator was able to establish contact with the man who was having difficulty speaking, according to police. Police officers in the area quickly located the man and an ambulance was dispatched. 

This is not the first time the Apple Watch has been credited with saving someone’s life.

Some other life-saving Apple Watch stories include a 92-year-old farmer in Nebraska who was rescued after falling from a ladder in June 2020, and a 36-year-old man in the UK who was alerted to a heart condition his Apple Watch detected in the spring of 2023.

Fall detection is available on the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4 or later, or Apple Watch Ultra or later. Other health features vary per model of watch.

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Photo courtesy of Apple Canada

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