Monsters of the Abyss opens at the Vancouver Aquarium on February 9.

There’s a new exhibit coming to the Vancouver Aquarium that will make you never feel safe to swim in a lake, ocean or river ever again. 

Monsters of the Abyss is a limited-time interactive exhibit that highlights “Earth’s most famous and feared aquatic predators.” 

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The Aquarium will have live creatures and massive Megalodon and Spinosaurus skeletons on display, along with daily expert talks about these creatures.

“We always hope that the wonders of the aquatic world will inspire guests. Monsters of the Abyss is an opportunity to learn about new and exciting animals,” Vancouver Aquarium Animal Care Director Mackenzie Neale said in a release. 

More about the Monsters of the Abyss exhibit

Discover Monsters of the Abyss, an all-new interactive exhibit where today’s most famous and feared aquatic predators clash with their prehistoric ancestors! Come face-to-face with some of the “monsters” still roaming today’s oceans, rivers, and lakes in new, extraordinary live habitats, and dare to get up close during daily expert-led Animal Talks. Feast your eyes on supersize sculptures, get hands-on during fossil exploration, marvel at the massive jaws of a Megalodon, and more! Immerse yourself in the epic world of Monsters of the Abyss, surfacing for a limited time at the Vancouver Aquarium. 

Monsters of the Abyss opens at the Vancouver Aquarium on February 9 and runs until September 2. Tickets to the Aquarium range between $39.95 and $53.95 depending on the day you attend and must be purchased online in advance at

Photo courtesy Vancouver Aquarium

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