Recently laid-off journalists can get Linktree Pro for free.

If you’re a journalist who has recently been laid-off you can now apply to get a year of Linktree Pro for free

Linktree is a popular link in bio tool that lets you link to articles, videos, and other online content and sites. While there is a free Linktree option, Linktree Pro offers updated styling options, affiliate marketing tools, advanced analytics, and a slew of other features to help you get noticed. 

“We’ve seen the layoffs happening at major news outlets this week, leaving many crucial voices in journalism in the lurch. Whether you’ve been laid off, are in the industry, know someone affected or just care about the integrity of news, we see you – and we’re here to help,” states a Linktree email sent to its members on Sunday. 

Linktree suggests some ideas on how a journalist can use Linktree Pro, such as showcasing recent reporting work, adding a contact form to get new sources and leads, and by collecting subscribers. You can also use Linktree Pro to have TikTok and YouTube content update on its own. 

The free Linktree Pro offer (a $120 value) is on until the end of February. For more details and to apply, visit

Recent media layoffs

The media landscape in Canada and the U.S. appears to be in a downward spiral with no sunny outlook ahead in 2024.

CBC/Radio-Canada announced last December that it was cutting 600 positions and eliminating 200 vacant positions. Last week the online news site The Messenger completely shut down, leaving around 300 employees out of work.

The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, Business Insider, The Los Angeles Times, and Time magazine are also dealing with staff cuts or worse.

Corus Entertainment and Bell both made cuts to their news divisions last year as well.

“As part of managing the post-pandemic climate and unexpected economic uncertainty, we are conducting an enterprise-wide cost review, looking at all expenses and operations,” a Corus spokesperson told Broadcast Dialogue at the time

Do you think the news media will bounce back or will there be more cuts as we get deeper into 2024? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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